Københavns Kunsthandel i dansk TV

Københavns Kunsthandel i dansk TV

Københavns Kunsthandel owner Johs Schmidt has participated in popular TV programs within the last few weeks.

Johs took part in two episodes of TV2 Fri's popular program "Who bids best". Alongside colleagues from lauritz.com, greensquare.com, kildevang-antik.dk and Scandinavian-antiques.dk.

The program gives the five participants the chance to buy items from private people. 10 persons and 10 items in each program makes it quite the exciting bidding battle.

The show was filmed in Horsens in the summer of 2021 and is now available on play.tv2.dk

And a few weeks ago Københavns Kunsthandel was contacted by TV2 Bornholm's program "My girlfriend's property", who wanted our input on how the market for art from Bornholm is.

With host Casper Behrendtzen, Johs Schmidt gave his view on the Bornholm art scene and the market for it. Taking paintings by Niels Lergaard and the lesser known Henry Howalt as examples for what was the style of Bornholm paintings from the 1920's and 1930's.

The full program can be seen for free via this link to TV2 Bornholm:


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